david day escreveu:
I have a server with apache+resin-3.1.6 installed.
Are you running caucho_module?

Have you used netstat command during troubleshooting?  We had our
thread-max fairly high and I was seeing mass quantities of connections
to the srun port.  Shutting down the JVM would clear the connections,
but it could take a long time for the count to drop.  Bouncing Apache
at the same time had me going quickly.  Dropping thread-max helped.

Thanks for answering.

Well, I did.
I'm not an expert in Java Application Servers, so it's possible my answer isn't 100% correct.

This issue is really too weird for me.
Actually, it seem we have more than one issue.
Some times if a only reinit apache it solves the problem, other times not. I do need to restart resin, too.

Usually (including times when the problem occurs) netstat doesn't shows a mass quantity of connections. Dropping thread-max took the system more instable. Best number for us seems to be 256.

I'm sorry I don't have enough informations about this problem. Perhaps because my inexpertness with Java Application Servers.

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