We run several web applications on Resin 3.0 with Apache and mod_caucho 
as a front-end. For a new web application that we're developing, which 
will run under the same site, we'd like to use Resin 3.1 in a different 
JVM. Something like this:

        +---> Web-app a (/a) (Resin 3.0, port 6802)
Apache--+---> Web-app b (/b) (Resin 3.0, port 6802)
        +---> Web-app c (/c) (Resin 3.1, port 6800)

We use Location-based dispatching to do this. Our configuration looks 
like this:

# mod_caucho Resin Configuration

LoadModule caucho_module /usr/libexec/apache2/

<LocationMatch "^/c/*">
ResinConfigServer localhost 6800
CauchoConfigCacheDirectory /tmp
CauchoStatus yes

<LocationMatch "^/(?!c)/*">
ResinConfigServer localhost 6802
CauchoConfigCacheDirectory /tmp
CauchoStatus yes

We're using the mod_caucho from Resin 3.1 for requests to both Resin 

This works well in basic tests but I'm wondering if there's anything we 
need to be aware of while using mod_caucho from Resin 3.1 with Resin 
3.0. I would hate to find out that we were doing something risky when we 
got to our load tests so it seemed wise to ask the community in advance.


- Hari

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