On Tue, Mar 10, 2009 at 12:14:36PM -0500, Aaron Freeman wrote:
> After watching a few of these threads about people using mod_caucho with
> Apache, it dawned on me to ask an open-ended question:  
> Why use Apache at all?  
> I am sure there are good reasons for it out there, so I am just curious what
> the use-case is for using Apache plus Resin instead of using just Resin?

Thanks for asking this Aaron!  We're getting a lot of useful feedback.
(You tell that you've hit a nerve when so many people respond so
 quickly... :-))

>From the point of view of support, I can say that whenever Apache enters
the equation, the complexity goes way up.  If there's any way you can
avoid using Apache with Resin, I would recommend it.  For those who need
things like mod_perl or run other application servers, you may have no
other choice.

Someone else mentioned Apache mod_rewrite, which we have an alternative
for in our rewrite dispatch rules:


I find the XML syntax much more readable than the line-noise syntax of



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