First of all, I'd just like to say wow, I'm happy to re-discover Resin
- I recall using it briefly in 2002 and I'm impressed with what you've
been doing since.  It's a sharp contrast to the progress of JBoss,
which has sadly become a complete wreck in the last few years.  The
web beans stuff is fantastic and you're way ahead of the game.

I've read most of the docs now and I'm a bit confused about how you
authenticate to the container in two different scenarios:

#1) A remote caller using hessian, either from another Resin instance
(using DI) or from a standalone client.  I presume at a protocol level
this involves basic or digest auth, but I don't see the API hooks.

#2) Within the container, how do you authenticate programmatically?
Ie, not using login forms or basic auth.  This is the common case of a
signup form; after the user has filled out their chosen username and
password I want to authenticate them to the container without forcing
them to re-enter the credentials.


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