We have had a perf issue.

Our servers have 4Gb RAM. It has just Resin and Apache installed.

The problem is, when I start Resin, the whole server uses about 2.5 Gb RAM
After that memory usage keep growing til it reachs the 4Gb RAM, use swap
and so on.

After few hours the application start getting slow.
Analyzing the server sources, it's using so low CPU, load about 1... I
see none overload evidence, except for RAM memory.

So I just restart Resin and/or Apache and application gets fast again,
but few ours later it will raise the same issue.

This problem usually happens on peaks hours.

So we upgraded RAM memory to 8Gb with a PAE kernel.
Although it doesn't reach the 8G RAM, slow moments gots for frequent. It
seems to work worse that way (8Gb + PAE kernel).

The question is:
Is there everyone having the same issue with Resin (3.1.6)?
My doubt if such problem resides either on Resin or on my application.


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