> Hello
> I would like to process images in resin server : load, resize, save.
> I tried with java.awt.Toolkit -> it launches a GUI thread and seems to
> work asynchroneously (with the image observer)
> I tried with javax.imageio.ImageIO -> it launches a GUI thread but worked
> I tried with javax.media.jai.JAI -> it launches a GUI thread but worked
> I need someting very light, quick and safe, what do you suggest ?

We use JMagick: http://www.jmagick.org. It's a JNI wrapper around the 
ImageMagick toolkit. It's not very well documented, but it's incredibly 
fast and lightweight. I haven't personally tried installing JMagick on 
OS X, but there is an ImageMagick binary distribution for OS X here:


It doesn't have any GUI or X dependencies either, and resizing an image 
is a very simple operation, ~10-20 lines of Java.


- Hari

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