If you suspect the problem lies in mod_caucho, another possible test 
would be to use see if using mod_proxy instead would prevent it from 
hapenning. Depending on your settings, that might be relatively simple 
and would allow you to discard mod_caucho easily.


Rob Lockstone escribió:
> On Mar 22, 2009, at 04:29, Stargazer wrote:
>> Rob Lockstone wrote:
>>> On Mar 21, 2009, at 14:59, Stargazer wrote:
>>>> Adam Allgaier wrote:
>>>>> I would plug jconsole into your resin instance and watch what's
>>>>> happening to the JVM memory.  Could be loose open threads (and
>>>>> large thread size) that grows over time and eats up free memory.
>>>>> Restarting would kill all the threads and free the memory.
>>>>> http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.5.0/docs/guide/management/jconsole.html
>>>>> Adam
>>>> Thanks, but as I'd hoped I'd made clear Resin itself shows flat  
>>>> memory
>>>> use, whether using jconsole, jprofiler, /resin-admin or any of the
>>>> other
>>>> jvmti tools I've used to try to fix this. The memory consumption
>>>> occurs
>>>> outside java.
>>> I don't know about Ronan's problem, but yours sounds like non-java-
>>> heap memory or "native" memory is being exhausted. In my experience,
>>> the biggest consumers of that are threads and graphic operations.
>>> Depending on the system you're running on, your default stack size
>>> could be quite large. Have you tried setting your stack size to a  
>>> much
>>> smaller value via -Xss? Unless you're doing a lot of heavy recursion,
>>> the chance that you'll need a large stack is fairly remote. On our
>>> (very busy) Windows boxes, we use a stack size of 128K (-Xss128K).
>>> Keep in mind that on a 32-bit system (not sure what you're running
>>> on), you have only 2G of addressable memory per process. So if you
>>> define a larg(ish) java heap, you have only 2G - YourHeapSize to use
>>> for allocating memory for threads and other non-java operations, such
>>> as some graphics operations.
>>> Rob
>> How come this doesn't happen when I move the non-resin stuff (i.e. the
>> PHP apps) to another server? Its Linux Fed 7, dual core, 1G Ram/4G  
>> swap.
>> What I'm really asking is how can you be sure its not mod_caucho? Btw
>> there are no graphics operations involved, and the PHP apps are all
>> popular packages like Joomla and Pligg, so if these were at fault I'm
>> sure the users would be screaming in their forums about it.
> I don't know that it's not mod_caucho. I'm only suggesting a possible  
> cause and something to try. Iirc, at least some versions of resin  
> (perhaps all) set their own stack size if the user does not specify  
> one. If this is the case, it may be that the version you're using is  
> setting a stack size that is larger than the default stack size of  
> your OS (or larger than the stack size set by whatever other software  
> you're using to run you PHP apps). Anyway, it's easy to set and easy  
> to test.
> Rob
>>>>> ----- Original Message ----
>>>>> From: Stargazer <starga...@blueyonder.co.uk>
>>>>> To: General Discussion for the Resin application server 
>>>>> <resin-interest@caucho.com
>>>>> Sent: Saturday, March 21, 2009 4:39:56 AM
>>>>> Subject: Re: [Resin-interest] Perf Issues
>>>>> Ronan Lucio wrote:
>>>>>> Hi,
>>>>>> We have had a perf issue.
>>>>>> Our servers have 4Gb RAM. It has just Resin and Apache installed.
>>>>>> The problem is, when I start Resin, the whole server uses about
>>>>>> 2.5 Gb RAM
>>>>>> After that memory usage keep growing til it reachs the 4Gb RAM,
>>>>>> use swap
>>>>>> and so on.
>>>>>> After few hours the application start getting slow.
>>>>>> Analyzing the server sources, it's using so low CPU, load about
>>>>>> 1... I
>>>>>> see none overload evidence, except for RAM memory.
>>>>>> So I just restart Resin and/or Apache and application gets fast
>>>>>> again,
>>>>>> but few ours later it will raise the same issue.
>>>>> I have been suffering from exactly those symptoms for years.
>>>>> Do your httpd processes consume all the swap, with top showing some
>>>>> at
>>>>> 450Mb? (default httpd.conf values)  I.e does restarting apache  
>>>>> alone,
>>>>> and not resin, cause the swap to drop back down to normal until the
>>>>> next
>>>>> slow growth starts it all again?
>>>>> That is my pattern. So when I profile resin theres no unusual  
>>>>> growth
>>>>> even through the whole server is effectiviley dead until restart.
>>>>> Given
>>>>> that, whos to blame? Could mod_caucho somehow be at fault even  
>>>>> though
>>>>> resin itself is ok?
>>>>> I have another identical server running a couple of PHP CMS apps,  
>>>>> no
>>>>> resin or java in sight - because of this problem actually. The plan
>>>>> is
>>>>> to move everything over when stable but these have become too
>>>>> critical
>>>>> to play with. Their typical httpd swap use is 25Mb, and its the
>>>>> default
>>>>> httpd.conf. I would dearly love to know what the httpd on the  
>>>>> failing
>>>>> server thinks it needs to hold onto 450Mb for, without tweaking  
>>>>> there
>>>>> could be 20 of these. There are other non-quercus PHP apps  
>>>>> running on
>>>>> that server btw.
>>>>> My "solution" is to kill child httpd processes at a far quicker  
>>>>> rate
>>>>> than you'd normally want, and it works of sorts:
>>>>> <IfModule prefork.c>
>>>>> StartServers       8
>>>>> MinSpareServers    5
>>>>> MaxSpareServers   20
>>>>> ServerLimit      256
>>>>> MaxClients       256
>>>>> MaxRequestsPerChild  96
>>>>> </IfModule>
>>>>> <IfModule worker.c>
>>>>> StartServers         2
>>>>> MaxClients         150
>>>>> MinSpareThreads     25
>>>>> MaxSpareThreads     75
>>>>> ThreadsPerChild     25
>>>>> MaxRequestsPerChild  96
>>>>> </IfModule>
>>>>>> This problem usually happens on peaks hours.
>>>>>> So we upgraded RAM memory to 8Gb with a PAE kernel.
>>>>>> Although it doesn't reach the 8G RAM, slow moments gots for
>>>>>> frequent. It
>>>>>> seems to work worse that way (8Gb + PAE kernel).
>>>>>> The question is:
>>>>>> Is there everyone having the same issue with Resin (3.1.6)?
>>>>>> My doubt if such problem resides either on Resin or on my
>>>>>> application.
>>>>> All versions prior to 3.1.6, and currently with 3.2.1 Pro
>>>>>> Thanks,
>>>>>> Ronan

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