Something new in Resin 4.x is that when doing the standard configure/ 
make/make install on *nix (including OS X), it assumes that you want  
to install into /usr/local/resin. For me, that's not the case, since I  
often have multiple resins installed and I don't put them into /usr/ 
local. It's no big deal to move the built libs and delete the /usr/ 
local/resin directory that was created. But I didn't see any obvious  
way to tell the build process to use my local resin directory. Is there?

I even went into the script for the configure and changed it by hand,  
and that worked, but then the make and make install ignored it.  
Shouldn't it default to building within the directory where the  
commands are being run? I think that's what it used to do.


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