Thanks, Riccardo & Emil.

I do think my last question is legitimate. Shouldn't the default  
behavior be to use --prefix=`pwd` ? And if a user *wants* to install  
into /usr/local/resin, then they can pass that in using the --prefix=  


On Mar 25, 2009, at 12:52, Emil Ong wrote:

> Hi Rob & Riccardo,
> Riccardo is correct.  This should work, too:
> ./configure --prefix=`pwd`
> Emil
> On Wed, Mar 25, 2009 at 08:44:21PM +0100, Riccardo Cohen wrote:
>> What is frequently done is that a configure option let you change the
>> install directory
>> I just looked at configure help ("./configure --help") with the v4
>> snapshot. Did you try "./configure --prefix=/my/directory" wich is  
>> quite
>> standard ?
>> Rob Lockstone wrote:
>>> Something new in Resin 4.x is that when doing the standard  
>>> configure/
>>> make/make install on *nix (including OS X), it assumes that you want
>>> to install into /usr/local/resin. For me, that's not the case,  
>>> since I
>>> often have multiple resins installed and I don't put them into /usr/
>>> local. It's no big deal to move the built libs and delete the /usr/
>>> local/resin directory that was created. But I didn't see any obvious
>>> way to tell the build process to use my local resin directory. Is  
>>> there?
>>> I even went into the script for the configure and changed it by  
>>> hand,
>>> and that worked, but then the make and make install ignored it.
>>> Shouldn't it default to building within the directory where the
>>> commands are being run? I think that's what it used to do.
>>> Rob

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