No problem, I should have something to report in a few hours.

Also, is there a way to annotate the persistence units (for
EntityManager injection) like there was for the JMS stuff? Since the
persistence stuff is in persistence.xml, will it too become a bean
config driven system?

for example, let us say that I want two persistence units.

        <persistence-unit name="test1">
        <persistence-unit name="test" >

But I get this error (of course) since I can't distinguish between the
two without annotating them (or maybe I could  write a @Producer?).

Can't find a component for 'javax.persistence.EntityManager' because
no enabled beans match the bindings [...@javax.inject.current(),
Enabled beans:
SingletonBean[EntityManagerProxy, {...@name('test1'),
@javax.inject.Current()}, @Production, name=test1]
PersistenceContextComponent[EntityManager, {...@javax.inject.current()},
@Production, name=test]

On Wed, Mar 25, 2009 at 2:08 PM, Scott Ferguson <> wrote:

>> Are there any additional issues I should worry about?
> Well, we haven't gotten to the compatibility testing yet for Resin 4,
> and the Config/DI rewrite might have messed up the Hibernate
> integration.
> In other words, it should work, but if it doesn't we'll need to file a
> bug report on Resin 4.

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