In trying to diagnose performance issues, I noticed some issues with  
my use of custom JSP tags.

I have a set of tags defined in JSPs in WEB-INF/tags. I reference them  
in my JSP with

<%@ taglib prefix="lz" tagdir="/WEB-INF/tags"%>

But I see this in the logs:

[04-01 16:43:35.113] {http--80-0}  FINEST  
(com.caucho.jsp.TagFileManager) com.caucho.jsp.JspParseException: tag  
file '/WEB-INF/tags' must end with .tag or .tagx

I also see complaints about invocation:

[04-01 16:43:33.870] {http--80-0}  FINEST  
(com.caucho.server.webapp.WebApp) real-path /test.jsp -> /export/home/ 
[04-01 16:43:33.886] {http--80-0}  INFO (com.caucho.jsp.TldManager)  
Loading .tld files from global classpath
[04-01 16:43:34.248] {http--80-0}  FINE (com.caucho.jsp.PageManager)  
Jsp[] uri:/test.jsp(cp:,app:/export/home/satdb/www/org/satdb/www) -> / 
[04-01 16:43:34.256] {http--80-0}  FINEST  
(com.caucho.loader.DynamicClassLoader) DynamicClassLoader[] adding  
loader SimpleLoader[/export/home/satdb/www/org/satdb/www/WEB-INF/work]
[04-01 16:43:34.270] {http--80-0}  FINE  
(com.caucho.make.ClassDependency) java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:  
_jsp._WEB_22dINF._tags._base__tag in 

But it does seem to get invoked in the end.

Also, unrelated to tags, I see this:

[04-01 16:57:15.192] {Thread-6}  FINE  
(com.caucho.loader.JarListLoader) tools.jar does not exist (path=/usr/ 
[04-01 16:57:15.192] {Thread-6}  FINER  
DynamicClassLoader[JarLoader[[]]] skipping duplicate URL file:/usr/ 

Now, I think I may have a wonky Java installation. I don't have  
tools.jar in "/usr/local/java/versions/jdk1.6.0_12/jre/lib", but I DO  
have one in "/usr/local/java/versions/jdk1.6.0_12/lib", which the  
second line above says it's skipping.

Anyone know what's up with this?



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