Is there any talk or plans for introducing a schema definition markup or
technique for Hessian that would facilitate code generation of Hessian
clients?  As we progress towards opening our APIs, having a set of tools
that API consumers could use to construct objects in their language of
choice from "Hessian Definition Language" would be a big help.  That might
facilitate the spread of Hessian, too, which we are promoting to anyone we
are integrating with.

I recall when tinkering with the SOAP support in Resin that I could tack
something like "?wsdl" on the service endpoint URL and get a WSDL returned. 
Doing something similar for Hessian services, like a "?hdl" would allow us
to expose access without publishing and maintaining client libraries.  With
the HDL, a suite of hessian2py, hessian2pojo, hessian2ruby tools would
spring forth that clients could use to tie in to the services.

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