(working against 03/18/09 snapshot of resin)

It seems like there is a class-loader problem in my definition for my
Queue (and I expect any global bean with an annotation class from the

The first time through everything seems to work just fine, but in
subsequent updates (webapp reloads) this error comes up. If I l start
resin up with the app deployed, or deploy the app with it not existing
yet, then things load fine. But once I have touched the resin-web.xml
(or made any change causing the webapp to stop-start) of the deployed
webapp then this error comes up.

WEB-INF/resin-web.xml:24: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException:
interface resinscratchspace.annotations.UserUpdate is not visible from
class loader

22:     <jms:MemoryQueue>
23:             <Named>userUpdates</Named>
24:             <rssa:UserUpdate />
25:     </jms:MemoryQueue>

The rssa namespace is set in the resin-xml file as a package in the
classes directory of the webapp.

Do these annotations need to be in the resin-dir/lib or someplace global?

Thanks in advance,

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