To Caucho Devs,

In an effort to get some of my problems diagnosed from the old
snapshot  I was using(3/18) I delved into the svn trunk. It seems like
the snapshots (although listed as 03/04/09 in the download page) are
actually nightly snapshots. This leads me to believe that going
straight to trunk might be the best idea. Well, maybe it wasn't.

Is it a good idea to work from svn trunk? I know that depends on how
close to the edge you want to be but what is your philosophy of the
state of trunk on each checkin? Is it considered "working" at all
times? Should I expect things to be broken most of the time until a
blessed build comes out?

I noticed that the "Named" annotations no longer works in my queue
def. against trunk. I'm not sure if this is a design decision (and
will be updated with changes to come; including docs), or a bug.

I don't want to cause any more confusion, or problems but I'm excited
about getting things working and I keep running into issue that may be
within resin, or at least with my understanding. I want to work as
close to the front-lines as I can while still being a little safe.

I'm happy to make tests for all the things I need in my applications
so that I can run automated tests and stop asking questions which
might better be answered with source. Is there a test framework for
resin that I can hook into?

Thanks in advance,

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