Also, for what it's worth if you add setUsername( .. ) and setPassword( 
.. ) methods then you could use this class with pure JSTL, which would 
be convenient:

Something like:

<jsp:useBean id="pwDigest" 
    <jsp:setProperty name="passwordDigest" property="username" 
    <jsp:setProperty name="passwordDigest" property="password" 
    <jsp:setProperty name="passwordDigest" property="realm" value="resin"/>

<c:set var="digest"><jsp:getProperty name="passwordDigest" 

Just a thought I would throw out there.  There is probably a way to do 
something similar with the new CanDI stuff?

> Is there any reason why the getPasswordDigest( .. ) methods in 
> PasswordDigest can't be static?
> Aaron
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