I was profiling file access, and I've found, by doing ls -al /proc/$resinpid/fd,
that resin (3.1.8 in this case) keeps two fd-s on every file in resin-3.1.8/lib.

After I've removed 

    <tree-loader path="${resin.home}/lib"/>
    <tree-loader path="${resin.root}/lib"/>

from resin.conf, I've experienced no actual difference, except that second
fd copy of every file no longer haunts /proc/$foo/fd, and the fact that server
starts up somewhat faster than it used to!
(Server start up time is same, but it renders the first request way much sooner
In case of a very massive app on my shabby test machine, 40 sec difference!)

So, why do those tree-loaders are kept in resin.conf?
I can justify resin.home one - it might be different than resin-3.1.8/lib,
but why list resin.root one here if it only makes things slightly worse?
Or do they carry a Deep Internal Meaning?
Or are them not supposed to point to the same dir as resin loads implicitly?
Maybe we've messed it up?

Maybe they're just left-over and should be dropped from config?

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