So, I'm trying to get the ant task deployed using the new fangled
stuff; It seems to fail horribly :(

Here is some of the (pertinent) output from the ant task:


com.caucho.bam.RemoteConnectionFailedException: Failed to upgrade to HMTP

        at com.caucho.bam.hmtp.HmtpClient.connectImpl(
        at com.caucho.bam.hmtp.HmtpClient.connect(
        at com.caucho.server.admin.DeployClient.<init>(
        at com.caucho.ant.ResinDeploy.execute(
        at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)

Here is what I am doing in my build file:
        <target name="resin-deploy" depends="war">
            <taskdef name="resin-deploy" classname="com.caucho.ant.ResinDeploy">
                      <fileset dir="lib">
                          <include name="**"/>
                <fileset dir="${resin.dir}/lib/">
                                <include name="**"/>
                <resin-deploy warfile="${build.war.file}" server=""
                         port="6800" user="admin" password="admin" />

This is what is going on in the output of resin (not very interesting):

[09-05-05 00:02:46.941] {hmux-} TcpConnection[id=3,]
starting connection
TcpConnection[id=hmux-,null,ACCEPT], total=5
[09-05-05 00:02:46.941] {hmux-} Hmux[3] start request
[09-05-05 00:02:46.941] {hmux-} Hmux[3] channel-r 20302
[09-05-05 00:02:46.941] {hmux-} Hmux[3] N 17731
[09-05-05 00:03:52.456] {hmux-} Hmux[3] interrupted keepalive
[09-05-05 00:03:52.456] {hmux-} Hmux[3] close stream
[09-05-05 00:03:52.456] {hmux-} Hmux[3] X-w: exit socket

Any help would be appreciated :)

Thanks in advance,

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