but it's not due to nfs. I can read (more,cat etc) nfs-symlinked files from 
all servers when one has it opened by vi.

It seems that resin is somehow "auto-deploy-minded" so it checks periodically 
(quite often) resin.conf and if it notices it has changed or it is open, it 



On Wednesday 06 May 2009 13:48:59 Michael Ludwig wrote:
> H.Päiväniemi schrieb:
> > Resin seems to crash if I open resin.conf for editing with vi etc.
> > Why? How can I configure resin not to do that?
> >
> > I have 5 resin servers and resin.conf is symlinked to nfs on all
> > servers so if I just open resin.conf, all servers will crash...
> Access over NFS may be the issue here. Try reading the file over NFS
> from one of your Resin servers while you're editing it in VI, or any
> other editor, for that matter. Does that work?
> > There must be some parameters to prevent this kind of feature...
> You could make your edits on a copy of the resin.conf.
> Saving the file in an invalid state might also be problematic.
> Michael Ludwig
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