We've just released Resin 4.0.0 for download at http://caucho.com/download 

Resin 4.0 has a large number of internal changes and enhancements over  
3.1, and it is the development branch.  If you need a stable version  
of Resin, you should continue to use Resin 3.1.  The expected date for  
a stable version of Resin 4.0 is tied to the JavaEE spec dates for  
JavaEE 6, so it's a moving target.

Major Features in Resin 4.0.0:

   o Resin 10,000
     - 10,000 simultaneous connections

   o Project Jar Repository
      - uses Maven pom.xml dependencies to build classloaders
      - replaces complex OSGi bundles with simple .jar management

   o CanDI - Java Contexts and Dependency Injection (JSR-299)
     - resin.xml/web.xml config fully integrated with CanDI
     - Rewrite/Dispatch redesign using CanDI
     - Security redesign using CanDI
     - JMS Queue/Topic redesign using CanDI

   o Protocol enhancements
     - FastCGI port and proxy
     - HTTP proxy

   o Cloud Computing redesign
     - Dynamic servers
     - Distributed deployment with .git repository and BAM/HMTP
         * eclipse, ant, maven and /resin-admin deployment
     - Clustered session refactor with BAM/HMTP for dynamic servers
     - Clustered Cache (JCache)
     - Load Balance refactor for dynamic servers
     - Load Balance green connections
     - Remote JMX refactored to use BAM/HMTP
     - Watchdog refactored to use BAM/HMTP
     - BAM/HMTP rename and refactor

   o Quercus
     - performance and compatibility work
     - Google App Engine support

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