I am trying to automate the process of integrating Resin with a cPanel  
hosting environment. For each customer that signs up for a cPanel  
account I need to add the virtual hosting tags to the Resin conf file  
manually. Currently the code block that is added is similar to this:

     <host host-name="www.domainname.com">
         <web-app id="/" root-directory="." />

These blocks are added to the <cluster>...</cluster> block within the  
resin conf file. Unfortunately the path to the domain is not based on  
the domain name so I cannot setup dynamic virtual hosting based on a  
path. But I wanted to know if there was a way to write these  
individual blocks into separate files that got included or imported by  
the Resin conf file.

In other words I can take into a hook for cPanel and create a text  
file with the contents of the block above (or some new lines if  
needed) and save it as something like domain.conf. Then I would like  
to have the resin conf file automatically read in all these domain  
based conf files based on the path to the file locations and the  
extension so any new domain conf file that is dropped into the  
directory would automatically be included or become part of the Resin  
conf file.

Is this doable with Resin 3.1?


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