Environment: Resin Pro 3.1.9 (100 Server License) on 64-bit Windows  
2003/08 Server with Java 1.5_18.

This bug <http://bugs.caucho.com/view.php?id=3418> is still present in  
Resin Pro 3.1.9. I've already updated the bug, but figured I would  
post here because I don't know how often bugs are read/updated.

Our deployment system uses the Windows SC (Service Controller)  
commands to stop and then start resin. I built in a five second delay  
between the time the SC query command notifies me that resin has  
stopped and the time that it attempts to start it up again. My  
concern, of course, is that five seconds might not always be enough  
time for the watchdog to completely exit.

The original reporter of this bug indicates that, on a busy machine,  
he has to wait as long as 15 seconds. However, it's unclear to me if  
he's confirmed that resin has stopped before initiating the 15 second  
delay. The five second delay I put in kicks in *after* I've confirmed  
that resin has stopped as reported by the sc query command.

Is there any way to know if this five second delay is a legitimate  
hack? Waiting for the dev/QA cycle for the 3.1.10 release isn't going  
to work for us on our time table. I'm looking at the watchdog code now  
to see if I can figure out a fix, but I'm not going to be able to  
spend too much time on it, I'm afraid.


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