ScottH and I have spent some time (fortunately, well-spent time in a
pub with wifi and a deep reserve of Magners) trying to figure out why
one of our @ApplicationScoped objects seems to have several instances
in the container.  The problem seems to be when you declare the
<servlet-mapping> in resin-web.xml.

We have a test with two beans, EchoService (@Stateless) and
DeeperService (@ApplicationScoped).  EchoService calls DeeperService,
which logs the object id.

When DeeperService has no <servlet-mapping>, calls to EchoService
always return the same DeeperService id.  When DeeperService also has
a <servlet-mapping>, calls to EchoService return different
DeeperService ids.

Code to demonstrate this is here:

This is a bug, right?


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