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S'està citant Scott Ferguson <f...@caucho.com>:
> I've added a bug report for this.  It's been something that's been
> bugging me a bit.  For normal Resin, we take control of the logging as
> soon as it's launched (so you could duplicate that -D... header), but
> we don't have a clean way of managing the logging if we're not in
> control at the start.

I understand. The options that I've seen in other embedded containers are:
.- Allow seetings to be configured through the API.
.- Allow a "partial" configuration file where some settings can be specified.
Both options have pros and cons, depending on whether you want to  
control everything programatically or just start it from your Java  
class and be able to configure it externally.

In my case, I'd probably go for the second option, but that's just  
because it is the option that better suits my particular needs :D.

>> .- The embedded engine requires a JDK for compiling as it needs a Java
>> compiler, but... is it possible to configure it to use an "embedded
>> compiler" like Apache Jasper or similar so it can be packed with the
>> engine?
> I'm not sure I understand.  Jasper is the JSP implementation.  It
> isn't a compiler.

Well, I might be wrong as I did not get into details, but with Tomcat  
a library is included that reads jasper-compiler.jar and that is in  
charge, if I'm not mistaken, of compiling the JSPs. And I can run that  
version using a JRE, so I asumed it included everything that was  
needed, JSP compiling included.

> You can bundle Resin with the eclipse compiler.  We already have a
> compiler="eclipse" option.

I know that and I know how to configure it in the resin.conf file, but  
how does one configure the embedded version to use it? Is is detected  
automatically if is is found in the classpath? Otherwise, it might be  
another candidate to be included in the API/partial config file.

> That sounds fine.

Great. I'll provide a separate package licensed under the GPL and let  
you revise it in case you want to add something for the Resin part.

On a related note, I cannot get the embedded container to run a .war  
file and I came across a quite weird thing. I'm setting it like that:
WebAppEmbed theApp = new WebAppEmbed("/");
After starting the server, I see that a WEB-INF directory is created  
in c:/tmp and a single empty directory "classes" inside it. Nothing  
else is there, so all I get are 404s.

And then the weird thing. I wanted to test if using it with my full  
Resin 3.1.5 installation, so I changed the host configuration to be  
like this:
<web-app id="/" archive-path="D:/Apps/deploy/Wembed/demo.war"/>

The result was that it tried to deploy the application in the Resin  
directory, removing all the files... So Resin ended up removing itself!

I'll have to try with the latest versions, but it looks like a problem :).



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