Sitting here trying to upgrade the dev environment to Resin 4.0 with
minimal changes to configuration and startup scripts.
On Windows I'm up and running after a strange problem with a simple
solution (deleting a default directory so that Resin would accept the
explicit document-directory).
On Linux however I'm still struggling. I think the heart of the problem
is that Resin for some reason does not accept me trying to point out our
old resin.conf file.

[2009/06/02 06:33:08.066] resin.home = /u/resin/resin/
[2009/06/02 06:33:08.066] resin.root = /u/dna/exder.server.root
[2009/06/02 06:33:08.066] resin.conf = null

The arguments when starting Resin are
  -conf /u/dna/exder.server.root/conf/resin.conf -server-root
and I also tried
  -conf /u/dna/exder.server.root/conf/resin.conf -root-directory

Would anyone care to spare my time by telling me what I'm doing wrong



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