On Jun 17, 2009, at 13:58:29, Scott Ferguson wrote:

> On Jun 17, 2009, at 1:48 PM, Rick Mann wrote:
>> If I download/build a separate Hessian library and drop it into my
>> WEB-
>> INF/lib directory, will it get used instead of the one built-in to
>> Resin?
> No, you need to put the replacement in the CLASSPATH (so it's loaded
> before the resin.jar).
> In Java, the parent classloaders have priority (that order is needed
> because of class cast issues.)  So any hessian in WEB-INF/lib would be
> ignored.

Hmm. I've always tried to steer far clear of putting anything on the  
CLASSPATH when running servlet containers. I don't know if I learned  
that back when I used Tomcat, or if it was something Resin recommended.

A better alternative would be for me to get to a place where I build  
resin and run my build; this would allow me to insert logging to help  
me figure out problems when I run into them all across resin, let  
alone just Hessian. But Hessian is my most urgent need right now.

Are there instructions for building Resin anywhere?

Thanks, Scott!


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