Thanks, Erik.


On Jun 23, 2009, at 14:45, Erik Forkalsrud wrote:

> We have used wildcard SSL certificates with resin 2.1.x using both
> OpenSSL and JSSE, and that worked fine.  I don't remember if I have
> tested it specifically for 3.1.x, but I see no reason why it  
> wouldn't work.
> - Erik -
> On 06/23/2009 02:34 PM, Rob Lockstone wrote:
>> Does anyone know if Resin (Pro 3.1.9 64-bit with OpenSSL) would have
>> any problems handling a wildcard ssl certificate, as opposed to a
>> domain specific cert, e.g. * vs.,
>> We're considering getting one because a few of our pools require ssl
>> and it's easier to manage, though more expensive, to get just one
>> certificate for all of them rather than deal with multiple different
>> certs for the different pools (i.e. remembering to renew them and  
>> make
>> sure they're deployed, etc).
>> We know it works with IIS, but have never tried a wildcard cert with
>> Resin and OpenSSL. I wouldn't anticipate there being a problem, but
>> obviously we'd rather not spend the money only to find out it won't
>> work for some reason. Anyone know?
>> Rob

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