Hi I'm using resin 3.1.6 and I've run into an issue in our clustered 
environment. When a client hits our application for the first time we 
authenticate them as a guest and then the user may re-authenticate using 
their client credentials.

What seems to be happening is a client hits server 1 and get 
authenticated as a guest, they then login on server 2 and get a new 
principal associated with their session. Later on they get directed back 
to server 1 and while the session detail is replicated it is once again 
associated with the guest principal from when they first visited.

If the two principals are created on the one machine and then the user 
is directed to the second server everything is fine.

I'm in the early stages of fully diagnosing this but can anyone confirm 
this is the case and if its fixed in a later version?


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