Hi Scott,

> There's a new 4.0 snapshot (not including this bug fix).  4.0.1 will  
> probably be out next week.

I just tried the snapshot, there are following issues with it on my side:

- jsf

[10:31:11.465] {main} 248:       <jsf fast-jsf='false'/>
[10:31:11.465] {main} 249:     </web-app-default>
[10:31:11.465] {main} 250:
[10:31:11.465] {main}
[10:31:11.474] {main} /usr/local/www/resin/conf/resin.xml:248:
com.caucho.server.webapp.WebApp.createJsf(): java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:
Could not initialize class com.caucho.jsf.cfg.JsfPropertyGroup

Is that not supported any more?

- <servlet-mapping url-pattern='/*' servlet-name='plugin_match'/>

This isn't automaticall recognized by the any more and gives the following error
when using the apache-module:

2009-07-17 10:44:47,170 WARN  c.c.server.webapp.ErrorPageManager  -
'plugin_match' is not a known servlet.  Servlets must be defined
 by <servlet> before being used.

Best regards, --- Jan.

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