I was wondering if anybody had gotten WordPress and Resin Pro 4.0.1 working 
together. I'm most of the way there, but there's apparently one piece missing.

The installation went fine. I can do a direct MySQL import of an existing blog 
into the database and all of the content is displayed and browsable, but I 
can't actually log in to wp-admin. It accepts my username and password, the 
page flashes for a sec, and I'm back to an empty login form with no error.

For reference, this is my super basic Resin config for it:

  <cluster id="styleguide">

    <server id="styleguide" address="" port="6902">
      <http address="" port="8092"/>

      <driver type="">
    <host id="styleguide" root-directory="/usr/local/www">
      <web-app id="/" root-directory="styleguide"/>

Am I missing something obvious? 


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