Is there a way to make Resin not try interpreting EL expressions in JSP
pages (while still using fast jstl)?

We have custom tags with string attributes which are evaluated as EL
expressions using the Apache Taglibs implementation. After updating to
4.0, Resin refuses to treat these attributes as Strings.
> com.caucho.jsp.JspLineParseException: 
> /html/partners/partner_addressEdit.jsp:30: EL expression 
> '${defaultAddress.address}' is only allowed for attributes with 
> rtexprvalue='true'.
> ...
> 30:        <exder:get value="${defaultAddress.address}">
> ...
>       at
>       at
>       at
> ...

When adding <rtexprvalue>true</rtexprvalue> to the .tld, Resin will
evaluate the expression and pass the String value of the result as the
attribute of the tag. The tag will then try to evaluate this String
value as if it was an EL expression (using the Apache) implementation,
which of course does not give the expected result.

Do we have to change the implementation of all the tags to use
com.caucho.el.Expr instead, or is there another way?



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