Scott Ferguson wrote:
> On Aug 25, 2009, at 9:13 AM, Michael Rusch wrote:
>> I am still test-driving resin 3.1.9 open source on my Windows desktop.
>> It seems to me that if multiple concurrent requests are made to the  
>> same
>> URL then Resin will only fulfill one request at a time.  Is this
>> intentional?  Is there a reason for it?  Is this related to  
>> something in
>> the config?
> Just double checked (4.0) and it's working fine.
> Since browsers aren't supposed to open more than two connections to  
> the same site at a time, you might be hitting that limitation.
> -- Scott

That's it!  It's the browser!

Somehow in 7 years of web application development, I've never noticed or 
learned about this behavior in any other context--but it's there!

I followed up with tests using the same php script on a LAMP stack, and 
it exhibited the same non-concurrent behavior (hence, it wasn't just resin).

Then, I tried the test where the requests were done in two different 
browsers, and they did load concurrently, both with LAMP and resin/quercus.

Thanks for the tip!


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