I have trouble to configure standard JDK logging resin uses. I have
read the documentation many times and looked for examples, but in the
end I'm still puzzled.

I run a servlet under resin 4.0.1 with simple logging requirements.

1. All logging configuration should be possible in web.xml (and not
global resin.xml)
2. resin (com.caucho.*) and my app's (com.foo.*) log records with
INFO+ levels should go to apps log file, in xml. (this part i got
3. Only records with levels SEVERE should go to jvm-default.log which
resides in global resin/log directory.

I cannot achieve both (2) and (3) at the same time.

My log settings in web.xml are:

    <logger name="com.foo" level="info" />
    <logger name="com.caucho" level="warning"/>

    <log  path="stdout:">
       <logger name="" level="severe"/>

    <log-handler name="" level="info" path="../../log/servlet.xml" timestamp="">
        <formatter class="java.util.logging.XMLFormatter"/>

Tips, explanations or pointers welcome,

best regards

Martin Koziej

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