Randy Johnson schrieb:
> http://caucho.com/eclipse/
> <http://caucho.com/eclipse/>To add this update site to your eclipse
> configuration:
>    1. Within Eclipse, access the menu: Help -> Software Updates...
>    2. Click the "Available Software" tab
>    3. Click the "Add Site"
>    4. Enter http://caucho.com/eclipse
>    5. Click "OK"
>    6. Click "Refresh" and install the Resin Eclipse plugin!

Can't see a "Refresh" button in Galileo, but if that's what you're
using you may have to uncheck "Group items by category" in order for
the "Resin Eclipse Feature" to show up.

But there may be errors with Galileo and the Resin Feature. See
following post.

Michael Ludwig

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