The whole Pomgranate is really neat, but I cannot figure out one thing:
I have a working project with maven, with all dependencies configured in
projects pom.xml file. I can build a webapp war etc.

To use pomgranate it says: take the jars from the war and put them to
project-jars in resin directory and make sure pom.xml is in war's

When I deploy the war, resin spots pom.xml and tries to resolve
dependencies; unfortunately it cannot find any artifacts in its

I suppose this is because all the jars I have put there do not have
META-INF/maven...pom.xml files packed in them. They are just normal jars
like those downloaded by maven.
What should I do?
Should I somehow generate jars with pom.xml files inside? Or should I
manually copy the foo-bar-1.0.pom files from the repository on my devel
machine to the resin's project-jars directory?

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