Jeff Schnitzer wrote:
> Is it possible to control the pool size for stateless EJBs?
> I think I'm looking for something equivalent to <ejb-message-bean
> message-consumer-max="2"> but for <ejb-session-bean>.  The docs say
> that session beans are pooled, but I don't see anything about how to
> configure this pool.
> The use case is that I have a rather expensive resource (held-open
> connections to Apple's crappy iPhone Push Notification Service) that
> requires pooled access.

The stateless pool is infinite in size. Or rather, the idle-pool size is 
1, and the active pool size is infinite. There's no throttling of the 
active size.

I'm not sure if this is a capability we want to add, but I've created a 
bug report at

Since session EJBs were really designed to be lightweight custom XA 
resources, like a cheap JDBC driver, it may make sense.

-- Scott

> Thanks,
> Jeff
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