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> Daniel López wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> We are migrating all of our instances to Resin 3.1.5 (3.1.8-9 have a JPA
>> bug that prevents us to go the latest version) and I've been asked by
>> our admins if it would be possible to have ONE monitor to see all the
>> different applications in all the different instances.
>> The different instances share the Watchdog process but each of them uses
>> a different configuration file, as we don't want all the instances and
>> applications to be restarted each time we modify the configuration. If I
>> understood correctly the documentation, the Watchdog process is able to
>> monitor all applications when using Resin Pro and if they are all in the
>> same cluster. Does that imply ONE configuration file?
> Yes you can. The different applications would be in different <cluster>
> blocks, if I understand your requirements. Since servers in a Resin
> <cluster> always have identical content, you need separate <cluster>
> blocks for each application.

Correct, I just have different instances to separate groups of  
applications so I can update/start/stop one group independent of the  
others. They are not really part of what one usually understands by a  

>> In that case, if I edit this unique file, is Resin smart enough to   
>> restart just the instance/server that was affected by changes?
> Not right now. It may be possible for us to add that capability in the
> future.

Ok. I'll keep them in separate instances at the moment, as being able  
to touch the instance configuration independently of one another is  
more important than having them in a single resin-admin instance.



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