From my personal point of view, I prefer Resin because its philosophy 
suits me better as it is more open and flexible, meaning it usually 
accomodates different ways of doing things. OTOH, GlassFish is for me 
more "opinionated" and it tries to guide you on how you should do 
things, so if you deviate from the norm you are usually on your own with 
scarce documentation and no support because nobody tried that.

Similarly, Resin's community of users is smaller but they are usually 
more hardcore and knowledgeable, as they have to survive Resin's 
documentation ;) and have to choose their own path from the multiple 
ones allowed by Resin, but GlassFish is more popular which makes it 
easier for newcomers to start with, as they have more basic guides, it 
integrates "transparently" with IDES (meaning they don't have to have a 
clue about what's going on) etc.

With that I don't want to imply that users of one server are 
better/smarter/whatever than users of the other, just that I think they 
are geared towards different markets, with both its benefits and drawbacks.


Wesley Wu escribió:
> Yes, congratulations to Gavin King. 
> Competition is a good thing.
> I think Scott will produce products with less bugs or we'll change to 
> Weld :)
> 2009/11/28 Kai Virkki <kai.vir...@gmail.com <mailto:kai.vir...@gmail.com>>
>     Well, JBoss already has a CDI implementation called Weld, so Resin
>     really isn't exceptional in this account. CDI is actually based on
>     JBoss Seam and Google Guice.
>     Cheers,
>     -Kai
>     On 27.11.2009, at 12.10, Wesley Wu <wumen...@gmail.com
>     <mailto:wumen...@gmail.com>> wrote:
>      > As long as Scott continue to work for the Resin's future I'll never
>      > switch to other platform.
>      >
>      > I loved the WebBeans so much from December 2007, now called CDI.
>      >
>      > I don't think other vendors could produce a competitive
>      > implementation of CDI versus Resin, in at least next 12 months.
>      >
>      > They have to throw in lots of labor and money to keep up with the
>      > more than two years hard work of Scott and his stuff.
>      >
>      > The forthcoming failure of OpenJPA is an example, which can nowhere
>      > compete with Hibernate & EclipseLink in every aspect.
>      >
>      >
>      > -Wesley

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