Thanks for the reply Alex. So how would I match only "/" and ".html"? Something 
like this? 

<dispatch regexp="(^/$)|(\.html)" name="..."> 


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> I have a (hopefully) quick question about the meaning of "/" in regexp 
> attributes of the rewrite-dispatch tags. For example: 
> <dispatch regexp="/|\.html" name="..."> 

This will match any request that has a '/' (basically every request has a '/') 

Something like the following will change .html to .jsp 

<dispatch regexp="\.html" target=".jsp"/> 


> ... 
> </dispatch> 
> Does the "/" have the same meaning as in servlet mappings, i.e. "default"? Or 
> does it only match requests for "/"? That is, does the above <dispatch> match 
> a request for "/foo.jpg", in addition to "/" and "/bar.html"? 

> Thanks, 
> Ethan 
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