I have Apache 2.2 and Resin 3.0.19 running locally on my Mac 10.5.6.  I am
trying to run a cluster of 2 resin instances locally.  However, if I visit a
page like


and submit the form, the resulting URL looks ilke


How can I eliminate the port from being included?  Here is how I'm setting
that clustering in my httpd.conf file ...

<VirtualHost *:80>
    ServerAdmin webmas...@localhost
    <Proxy balancer://mycluster>
        BalancerMember http://localhost:8080 loadfactor=1 disablereuse=on
        BalancerMember http://localhost:8081 loadfactor=1 disablereuse=on
    ProxyPass /apps balancer://mycluster/apps lbmethod=byrequests

and here is how I set up one of my resin instances (from resin.conf):

      <srun server-id="a" host="" port="6803"/>
      <srun server-id="b" host="" port="6804"/>

Any ideas are appreciated, - Dave
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