Riccardo Cohen wrote:
> I really would like to know what is the Caucho point of view about this...
At the moment, Amber development is being put on hold (except critical 
bugs), until we finish the web profile, because our main strategy is to 
focus on the core quality for both Resin and Quercus.

So we would not be looking at adding spatial support for another 6 
months at minimum, and even then we may decide Amber is still a lower 
priority than core Resin quality.

-- Scott
> Thanks
> Riccardo Cohen wrote:
>> Hello
>> I use mysql with spatial index and would like to use amber queries with 
>> spatial field
>> I tried these sort of queries :
>> select p from Prop p where 
>> Spatial.within(p.pos,Spatial.mPointFromText('MULTIPOINT(238500 
>> 6229301,238500 6260453,283700 6260453,283700 6229301)',0))
>> But the java program stops (with no exception) when I call createQuery()...
>> I found nothing in amber doc, but I've read here :
>> http://www.jpox.org/docs/1_2/spatial.html
>> that there could be spatial support in jpql.
>> Is there any plan to add spatial support in amber ?
>> Thanks

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