2009/12/23 Alex <a...@caucho.com>

> > Hi , this is my resin's init message :
> > I grep no HotSwap keyword here ...
> Putting Spring aside for a moment, make sure the following is done:
> - compile resin.jni (./configure --prefix=/pathtoyourresin; make; make
> install)

Oops , I know what went wrong . I didn't compile resin.jni

Ogininally , I used resin as an apache module , and I 'thought' the 'make ;
make install' was to build the apache module.

But last year , I changed apache-with-resin-module to using
ProxyPass/ProxyPassReverse to redirect java requests to backend resin
That's why I forgot to compile resin.jni ... :p
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