> Not sure this is a bug with GzipFilter or expected behavior, but found
> something worth sharing and dropping in the forum record for others to find.
> We had a problem distributing content to a CDN and keeping it in cache there
> because the CDN was requesting content with an "Accept-Encoding: gzip"
> request header, which was causing our GzipFilter to slap a "Cache-Control:
> private" response header via the http response object. Our file servlet (an
> extension of the default resin file servlet) was adding a Cache-Control
> header with "max-age=840000, public" that the GzipFilter ended up writing
> "Cache-Control: max-age=84000, public, private".  In our testing, we were
> using curl to test/examine the headers, so we didn't pick up that the
> private cache control header was being added.  Our CDN provider, however,
> was testing with a user agent that indicated it accepted the gzip encoding
> and was thus seeing the cache-control header appear. Made for a lively
> debate.  Thus, they were seeing the private declaration and not caching the
> result.
> So, we had to add an exclude-pattern to our GzipFilter configuration to not
> pick up files in the directory we wanted to control caching on. So, fyi,
> either GzipFilter has a bug in that it is not honoring Cache-Control headers
> set by responses further downstream, or it is operating properly and you
> must remember to disable the GzipFilter on content you want to be cached
> publicly. It would be nice if GzipFilter honored cache-control directives.
> configuration e.g.:
> <filter-mapping>
>        <filter-name>gzip</filter-name>
>        <url-pattern>
>            <exclude-pattern>*.zip</exclude-pattern>
>            <include-pattern>/*</include-pattern>
>        </url-pattern>
>    </filter-mapping>

The private cache-control is added by Resin Cache in this case(not gzip filter 
) following the value set in resin.conf <cache><rewrite-vary-as-private.

It has to do with the IE bug (outlined in more detail at : 
http://www.caucho.com/resin/doc/cluster-tags.xtp#rewrite-vary-as-private )

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