keerti wrote:
> I am trying to configure jms with resin. In my web.xml,i added <jms:jms-topic
> name="my-topic" uri="memory:"/>
>   <jms:jms-connection-factory uri="resin:"/> and it keeps giving me an
> error.
> I had the namespaces as below 
> xmlns="";
>       xmlns:xsi="";
>       xsi:schemaLocation=" 
>";> I tried adding
> xmlns:jms="";> still the jms topic and connection
> factory give me an error. 
The resin-web.xml is where you normally put custom configuration like 
the JMS queues. Resin is strict about its validation, and since you're 
using ""; for your web.xml, Resin is 
only allowing the tags specified by JavaEE in that section.

In your resin-web.xml, you'll use <web-app 
xmlns="";>, which allows all the javaee tags 
plus the Resin-specific tags like the <resin:jms-topic>. (Although, if 
you're using Resin 4.0, I'd recommend using the CanDI configuration 

The CanDI configuration looks like:



Where "resin" is xmlns:resin="urn:java:com.caucho.resin".

-- Scott
> Please reply if anyone encountered a similar situation and has a fix.

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