I have got  a problem when run my facebook application on google app engine.
I use quercus for this purpose.

here is a simple code, that throws an exception:


// the facebook client library
include_once 'api/facebook.php';

// some basic library functions

// this defines some of your basic setup
include_once 'config.php';

$facebook = new Facebook($api_key, $secret);
$user = $facebook->require_login();

*$user_details = $facebook->api_client->users_getInfo('754748720', 'sex');*
$sex = $user_details[0]['sex'];

echo $sex;

<fb:tab-item href="./invite.php" title="Invite Friends" align="right"/>
<fb:tab-item href="./help.php" title="Help" align="right"/>

The EXCEPTION I got was :

com.caucho.quercus.QuercusModuleException: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:
java.net.Proxy is a restricted class. Please see the Google App Engine
developer's guide for more details.

How can I avoid this exception. Help me please.

Thanks in advance,
Tigran Martirosyan
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