We've developed a custom tag library for our ecommerce application.  We have
a requirement to be able to apply many different themes/templates to the
software.    We currently are using a series of custom tags for much of the
functions/themes in the software.


Right now we are setting pages variables that hold theme information, and
are sending these settings into the TAG, to process a desired output.
Instead of setting pages variables we are looking into XSL + Custom Tags,
but are not sure if this will yield a better solution.  The custom tags are
nice because we have created an easy way to configure functions, but they
don't deal with the theme requirements very well.


Is there a better way to apply a theme in Java than custom tags?   I've used
XSLT before, but not sure if this would be a better way to handle this.


Requirements are many themes, fast loading, object oriented, easily
configurable.  Any suggestions are welcome and greatly appreciated.



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