Hi Emil,

I'm finally getting back to this:

Emil Ong schrieb am 05.10.2009 um 12:58:05 (-0700):
> Hi Michael,
> I tried to reproduce the error, but couldn't get it to show up.
> I installed on Java and JavaEE versions of Galileo with no problems.
> I actually just received an off-list note from a Tomcat user who
> hit the same exception.  (He had no idea what Resin was, he just
> Googled the message and found the list.)  Sounds like it might be
> something upstream.  There's no Caucho code in the exception you
> sent, which doesn't always mean it's not our fault, but it does
> make it harder to tie it to something in the Resin plugin.

> The Tomcat user managed to get the error to go away with an Eclipse
> restart.  I'm not sure if that would do it, but it might be a
> workaround until we can figure out the true source of the problem.

As just posted to the list, I think the error is due to starting Eclipse
with a JRE-Java when a JDK-Java is required.

Michael Ludwig

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