On Mar 19, 2010, at 12:43:28, Scott Ferguson wrote:

> Rick Mann wrote:
>> I only have one JDK installed.
> You can always use --enable-64bit.
> The configure script uses "java -version" to see if it's 64-bit and as 
> you showed below, "java -version" is 32-bit on your machine.  (And 
> Resin's configure script won't try to assume that you really want to use 
> -d64.)

Even with --enable-64bit, it didn't find that java was 64-bit. Does 
--enable-64bit override that? Even so, it ran into other problems as a 64-bit 
build. My needs currently allow me to get by with 32-bit, so I'll not worry 
about that for now.


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