The 'problem' is that you are processing your data in your view controller
JSP which is not really where it belongs. You should just move that code up
a layer into Java. The t:action comes from using
Tagonist (or something like it that allows you to execute java code as an
'action') is very easy to integrate into your app and will solve the problem
without relying on esoteric (and brittle) buffer sizes.


So the code example, from a style stand-point, is almost spot on with how
> have laid our model/view/controller JSPs.  I don't know what a t: library,
> is but I am sure its some custom way to call your model code.  We do a
> <jsp:include> instead, but it's stylistically the same -- the model is
> separated from your example controller.
> In a JSP-based controller we are parsing the results of the model data into
> a hashmap and then processing the elements in the hashmap to determine if we
> need to redirect before we call the view.  So our controller looks like:
> <jsp:include page="/model/grab-data.sql"/>
> <%-- Process the results of the model --%>
> <c:forEach items="${requestScope.hashMap.values()}" var="rewriteUrlsQuery">
>     ....
> </c:forEach>
> <c:choose>
> <c:when test="${redirect == 'true'}">
>     <c:redirect ...>
> </c:when>
> <c:otherwise>
>     <jsp:include page="/view/..."/>
> </c:otherwise>
> </c:choose>
> So I am not quite tracking with you on what we need to differently in our
> controller?  We are trying to do a redirect before we get to the view layer,
> as you suggest, and as your code is suggesting.
> Right or wrong, this is a style we have used in several places, and instead
> of modifying a lot of code it would be much easier if we can simply change
> the buffer size commit point.  We definitely didn't intend to exploit a bug,
> we are just trying to follow easy to maintain good MVC practices and ran
> into this hiccup.
> Fortunately through all of our testing this is the only show stopper for us
> from rolling out to the newest version of Resin 4.0.5 with our existing code
> base.
> Thanks for you help,
> Aaron
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