Further to this is there any way to look at the response while in the 
Gzipfilter and prevent gzipping if the response is 403 (or any other 
error code for that matter)?

I think resin 2.1.17 is servlet 2.2 which has not got a 
response.getStatus() method, but given that you can specify the error 
page for given error codes in web.xml, there must be some way that the 
container is able to figure out the status. I was wondering if I could 
tweak the GZIPFilter class to use the same means of interrogating the 
response status.

If all else fails I can just disable gzipfiltering till we are able to 
upgrade but I would prefer not to.



Alan Wright wrote:
> Hi
> We are using resin 2.1.17 (yes i know we need to upgrade!) and are 
> starting to implement role based access control using role declaration 
> on Struts actions.
> I have declared a 403 error page in web.xml and am experiencing a 
> problem which I have tracked down to interaction with the gzipfilter 
> because everything works beautifully with the gzipfilter disabled, but 
> with the filter enabled I am getting:
> Content Encoding Error
> The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because it uses an 
> invalid or unsupported form of compression.
> in firefox and equivalent errors in other browsers.
> I think that the response is being encoded twice by the time the browser 
> sees it.
> Has anyone come across this and figured out a way round it? 
> Is it a known issue with 2.1.17 gzipfilter that is resolved in later 
> versions of resin (if so what was the core issue)?
> Is it something to do with the web.xml declared error page being a 
> redirect that shouldn't be gzipped in the first place (just guessing here)?
> Any suggestions would be welcome
> Thanks
> Alan


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