On Apr 16, 2010, at 17:07:13, Scott Ferguson wrote:

> Rick Mann wrote:
>> After repeated bug reports and inquiries on both lists, I've gotten no 
>> response of any kind, regarding the Quercus bugs I've run into. Not even my 
>> query about whether or not buying the Quercus Personal license would entitle 
>> me to any support.
>> Is Caucho committed to the Quercus project?
> Currently, we are concentrating our development on the WebProfile and 
> Resin stability. Quercus is not currently a priority.

Thanks for the answer, Scott. Pity, because when it works, it seems to work 
really well. And WordPress is pretty broken in the current state, yet the 
website proclaims that it's an important app.

I assume Web Profile is the stripped-down Java EE, not the ASP thing?


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